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About Us

Princess At My Party was founded in 2007 by a creative and passionate educator, Liz Hackworth. When Liz returned to teaching, another educator and princess, Rachel Johnson, took over the business and continued the magic. Now, Rachel has returned to teaching and I am thrilled to continue creating magic in the KC area! 

My name is Baylee Wells. I grew up in Topeka, KS. After graduating from Washburn University, my husband and I moved to the KC area and are proud to call it home! I was an elementary teacher for several years while working under Rachel as a princess on the weekends. I have loved the excitement and joy that this company brings to children on their birthday.

At Princess at my Party there are several other teachers/actresses who also share a love for storytelling, adventures, and all things magical. You will have one of our highly qualified performers arriving on time, in character, and ready for fun!

Professionally, we have high standards and expectations of ourselves. I am confident that Princess At My Party's performance at your child's birthday will be memorable and convincing. After all, we are all true princesses at heart!

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