About Us

My name is Rachel Johnson. I grew up in Lee's Summit, Missouri. My husband Nick and I are high school sweethearts. We have been married for ten years and have two children.

To start off my career I was an elementary teacher in the Kansas City area and a princess for Princess at my Party, working under Liz Hackworth. When Liz went back to teaching, she was kind enough to hand over the reigns!

Princess parties are an exciting part of my life. I have always enjoyed storytelling and games with children. This is a way to incorporate those things into a special make-believe birthday experience that they will never forget. My favorite part of a princess party is watching how excited the party-goers get when the princess arrives!

At Princess at my Party there are several other teachers/actresses who also share a love for storytelling, adventures and all things princess. You will have one of our highly qualified arriving on time, in character and ready for fun!

Professionally, we have high standards and expectations of ourselves. I am a perfectionist and strive for excellence. I am confident that Princess At My Party's performance at your child's birthday will be memorable and convincing. After all, we are all true princesses at heart!